Special Fire Systems is one of the industry leaders in fast, efficient and professional installations. Our team of professional installers and supervisors go through ongoing training, both hands on and formal factory training, to maintain high quality workmanship. We take pride in our team being up to date on equipment, materials, and codes and standards that are applied in the work environment. Our team is trained for any type of fire protection need you may have from a basic fire alarm system to mass notification to foam systems and clean agent suppression systems.

Fire Extinguisher Training
Special Fire workplace Extinguisher safety training tools are designed to help us educate your employees and comply with state and federal safety regulations. Special Fire training ensures that your trainees will have the tools to face emergency situations. Special Fire Systems uses BullEx’s realistic, clean, and cost-effective training system. A electronically controlled real fire extinguished with water and compressed air for a realistic feel of an extinguisher. 

Clean Agent Recharging
Special Fire Systems is equipped to refill and recharge your clean agent bottles. At this time we have the capability to service Halon 1301, HFC-227ea and HFC-125.  We here at Special Fire Systems, understand the sensitivity of getting a system back online after a discharge and we are committed to providing a fast and efficient turn around.

Special Fire Systems has a professional testing team in place with knowledge of every system we specialize in.  Our team is dedicated to getting inspections done right and most importantly ONTIME. To make sure we do this our  team has developed a plan to pre-test every system thoroughly before testing with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).  Because of this commitment to pre-testing, we strive to maintain our goal of not failing finals.

Special Fire Systems is dedicated to making sure your system is working properly and efficiently. Many companies adhere to current standards that only a portion of the system needs to be inspected per inspection. This standard does not meet our dedication of providing peace of mind that you have a fully functional system. We test every device during annual inspections to make sure you are left with a system that is fully functional.

pecial Fire Systems has a professional service department. The service men are trained and supervised by the service manager. The service manager has over 20 years experience with a variety of systems. He has an extensive stock of materials for a fast solution to a bad device and even a quick fix for a bad panel board. We are committed to the customer 24/7 and someone is always on call for emergency situations.

System Monitoring
Special Fire Systems uses a UL Listed monitoring central station for your monitoring needs. They are available 24/7 and provide easy access both on the phone and over the internet to help service your account.

Special Fire Systems provide a fast and efficient solution to your portable needs. We are equipped to furnish new portables, service existing ones and to refill ones that have been used.  

Special Fire Systems has been used for consulting on many projects. We are committed to help find solutions for any project, large or small, no matter how complicated it may seem. Our team has multiple years of experience and have extensive training. They are equipped with the knowledge to analyzing  a hazard and come up with the best protection system or systems for that that hazard. We have worked with end users and multiple engineers to share our extensive knowledge of the special hazard fire protection systems.

Special Fire Systems employs an in-house design team that is dedicated to bringing you professional and informative drawings. Our team uses Auto-Cad and has the capabilities to provide 3-D design as well.  

Clean Agents

FM200 (HFC227)
Ecaro (HFC25)

Specialty Fire Suppression

Water Mist
Carbon Dioxide

Fire Alarm & Detection

Smoke Detection
Heat Detection
Building Fire Alarm
Air Sampling S.D.
Linear Heat Detection
Gas Detection

Special Systems

Mass Notification
Emergency Voice
Video Smoke Detection